About Us

Colorland was established by Parents for Parents. This was at the heart of what we wanted to do, offer total Parenting solutions for Parents, by Parents. 

The founders of Colorland realized that many baby products for Parents were either designed for form, function, fashion or for price but never all.

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Our mission

Colorland’s mission was to create baby bags that offered form, function, and quality for all parents and for all parenting needs. 

We spend time in different markets, different countries, and with different Parents to understand exactly what they need, the problems they face and how they use these bags. We take this research and put it into creating the highest quality total parenting solutions.

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Supply chain

For Colorland, our customers are Partners that we work closely with to help grow and develop so that they can be successful and help Parents the world over.

During the Pandemic, we saw the challenges our customers were facing with supply chain issues, rising materials costs, shortage of the labour force, currency issues and a great deal more. To help our customers, we held our prices to ensure our customers could continue to do business.

We thank our customers

We were able to do this for our customers thanks to our very close relationships across our supply chain. We work closely with our supply chain partners to help with sourcing and keep costs down which ensures the best prices for our customers.

We have been OEM for 40 years for many well-known brands. Colorland has been around for over 10 years and will continue to be, so our customers can be sure that we will always be here to support them for any issues that you may face.

Colorland has a wide range of support specialists able to assist in any after sales issues our customers may face.