Elsie Brown Floral Carryall Bag

Elsie Brown Floral Carryall Bag

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Product Description

This bag is suitable for any situation. It features a variety of storage options for your personal items, as well as babycare essentials. There are dedicated pockets for nappies and bottles - leaving you with plenty of room for any spare clothes or other items that you may need to carry.

  • Lightweight, durable and water resistant
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Includes a wet pouch
  • Includes a padded changing mat
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Brown French Flower

  • Material:
  • Length: 42.0CM
  • Width: 18.5CM
  • Height: 30.0CM
  • Weight Per Item: 0.8KG

  • Quantites Per Box:
  • Master Box Weight:

  • Master Box Length:
  • Master Box Width:
  • Master Box Height:

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